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About Silent Shadows

Post by SageAngel on October 16th 2009, 1:10 am

Welcome to the Silent Shadows Community/Clan forums.

If you are wondering why SS is both, a community and a clan.. then please continue reading.

To start out with, Silent Shadows was founded and made by me, SageAngel. But I will not take full credit. If I didnt have the encouragement, or the will, given to me by others.. this probably would have never existed. I've had people ask me, why did you make it? And why do you call it, "Silent Shadows". To answer these questions, I wanted somewhere for everyone to feel welcome and free to be themselves. To be on equal grounds, and have a place to chill. It's that simple. As for the name, alot of us have just been silent about who we are, as individuals. Some people are more open about themselves, but they always leave a small part out, and never let anyone know that side of them. Like shadows, we go un-noticed, unseen and unheard, until we are ready to be noticed.

A clan is more based on rules and regulations, in which I (to a degree),.. well,.. disagree with. I don't hate clans, and I don't hate the people in them. However, I am allowing it to be considered a Clan on certain occasions..like if a community wanted to challenge this one.. then we could be considered as a clan for that time being.
There is not one clan/community that is perfect, and free of drama. You're on a computer where gossip is around each corner, and installed within the pixels every which way you turn. Things happen each and everyday, and a lot of the time, we are given a choice. Making the right choice, or the wrong choice, is you're own decision.
I wanted to make a forum for gamers from all games, countries, races, and cultures to come and be themselves at. I wanted it, so that everyone can enjoy hanging out with others, and enjoy playing the awesome games we have all come to know and love. To relax and enjoy the company of others..share jokes, help one another out, to be gamers once again, to put aside the differences of the world and to forget even if its just for an hour, the enigmas that haunt us each and every day. This is a home where the wild run free, and the world is our theme park. Where you can be yourself, and to let your frustrations out. There are no strings attached,.. come and go as you please.
I do ask that you post an intro of yourself, as well as stating if you would like to be a community member/clan member. If you would only like to be apart of the community.. that is fine as well. Please just state what you wish, in your intro. I also ask that you take a look at the rules below.. and go by them. If there are any problems here at SS, that you need help with.. please contact me or one of the admins/mods.

Thank you,

  • I ask that you all be considerate and try to think about what you say before typing it out and posting. (As in, be respectul and don't cause any problems if possible please.)
  • I ask that you keep all racism, and porn away from these boards, and away from the SS name.
  • I ask that any and all religious/political views, not be attacked. (It would be awesome if we could all get along, but I know everyone has a different view on something.)
  • I'd ask that you didnt cuss, but even I have my bad days. So if you cuss,.. make sure you know how to spell the word, and use it properly. Also, make some sense lol.
  • I ask , if you are going to accuse someone of something, you have screenshots and/or video/audio.

I'm sure there are some things I'm forgetting,.. but I can't think of what atm. Lol, forgive me please. If I can come up with anything else, I will come back and edit this. I do hope you all enjoy your stay here, and I hope that we can all have fun Smile <3

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